Manatee Technical College(MTC) partners with business and industry to provide both entry-level and continuing education employee training programs.

MTC trains students in occupations relevant to the infrastructure and future growth of Manatee and Sarasota counties in the fields of building and construction, hospitality, and tourism, medical and health-related services, cosmetology, manufacturing, information technology, communication and business management and administration.

How to Become a Business Partner

To join MTC as a Business Partner, to promote employment or become a member of an Advisory Council please contact Business and Industry Services at

MTC’s Advisory Council

The MTC Advisory Council is made up of by local business and industry leaders who have hands-on knowledge of current business trends, technological developments, and job requirements within our community. By establishing strong communication lines between education and the world of work, we provide our students with instruction that is based on practical, everyday occupational knowledge of the skills needed in the workplace.

Members of our board work together to develop strategies that address issues relative to budget, training, instructional materials, technology, staffing, student support services, school safety, discipline strategies, student health and fitness, indoor environmental air quality, and matters of resource allocation.

CareerSource Suncoast

Manatee Technical College works closely with CareerSource Suncoast, a non-profit corporation that helps businesses recruit, train and retain highly-skilled employees. MTC is a valuable partner, providing the organization and the businesses it serves. with trained, talented employees who help local companies grow and prosper.  Information on specific job opportunities is regularly disseminated to our students and posted on our website.