Manatee Technical College partners with business and industry to provide both entry level and continuing education employee training programs that enable companies to compete and prosper.  By collaborating with us, you can improve productivity while providing employees with new opportunities to achieve real-world success.  MTC offers customizable, affordable programs that teach new skills or enhance existing ones.

We train students in occupations relevant to the infrastructure and future growth of Manatee and Sarasota counties by filling the pipeline with skilled, motivated workers in the fields of building and construction, hospitality, and tourism, medical and health related services, cosmetology, manufacturing, information technology, communication and business management and administration.

We are proud of the thousands of students who have entered the workforce and enhanced their personal and professional lives through the education they received at MTC.  With the help of our partners, we look forward to serving thousands more.

MTC’s Advisory Council

The MTC Advisory Council is known as the Board of Governors and is made up of by local business and industry leaders who have hands-on knowledge of current business trends, technological developments, and job requirements within our community.  Each program is represented on the Board of Governors by an individual from business and industry.  By establishing strong communication lines between education and the world of work, we provide our students with instruction that is based on practical, everyday occupational knowledge of the skills needed in the workplace.

Members of our board work together to develop strategies which address issues relative to budget, training, instructional materials, technology, staffing, student support services, school safety, discipline strategies, student health and fitness, indoor environmental air quality, and matters of resource allocation.

The MTC Advisory Council Member List can be found here.

CareerSource Suncoast

Manatee Technical College works closely with CareerSource Suncoast, a non-profit corporation that helps businesses train, recruit and hire highly skilled employees.   MTC is a valuable partner, providing the organization and the businesses it serves. with trained, talented employees who help local companies grow and prosper.  Information on specific job opportunities is regularly disseminated to our students and posted on our website.  Review the most current list of job openings.

 Partners in Education 

We invite you and your business or organization to enter into a partnership with MTC to help enhance student learning and promote school involvement in the community. ePIE (Partners In Education) easily connects businesses and organizations with schools via the web.  Through successful Partnerships In Education, schools and businesses, working together, will be able to develop unique methods of accomplishing educational goals that could not be realized without each other.

 Connecting is easy.  You can become a Partner In Education by simply registering with us:  Connecting your business or organization.  Once you’ve registered, you’ll  receive an email with your user name, password and login credentials to access your account.

 There are a number of ways you can support MTC:  A  few examples include:

  • Student and staff awards and incentives (complimentary product or service)
  • Scholarships (tutoring, lessons, programs)
  • Donation of funds, supplies or equipment
  • Mentoring or tutoring (no experience necessary)
  • Internships

Partnerships In Education very often provide a mutual exchange of resources and information that meet the needs of both the school and the business / organization.  You’ll benefit through:

  • Increased exposure of company in the community and schools.
  • Opportunities to promote products and services.
  • Increased employee satisfaction through volunteerism.
  • Opportunities for future workforce recruiting.
  • Opportunity to participate in the annual Manatee Chamber of Commerce Business Partner Awards.