Advanced Esthetics

Program Content: This Advanced Esthetics program is a continuation of the Facials and Skin Care Specialist program. A student completing the Advanced Esthetics program is prepared for employment as a licensed Facials/Skin Care Specialist in the spa industry, medical offices (including dermatological and plastic surgeons), and the new medi-spa industry. The program is designed for registered Facials/Skin Care Specialists who wish to add training to update their skills and become current with the new trends in the field of esthetics. Theory classes, practical/laboratory activities and hands-on classes are an integral part of this program. These activities include instruction in the use of safety procedures, tools, equipment, materials, and processes related to these occupations. Instruction and learning activities are provided in a laboratory setting using hands-on experiences with chemicals, implements, and equipment appropriate to the program’s content and in accordance with safety and sanitation practices in the trade. Demonstrations from outside personnel and field trips to doctors’ offices are all included.

Length of Program: 600 Hours – approximately 6 months to complete full-time

Certification/Licensure: Certificate for Advanced Esthetics

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Required Books and Materials: Advanced Esthetics

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