Massage Therapy

Program Content: This 750-hour program covers various types of therapeutic massage, such as Swedish, Neuromuscular, and Reflexology including:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Basic Massage Therapy and Clinical Practicum
  • Statutes/Rules and History of Massage
  • Theory and Practice of Hydrotherapy
  • Allied Modalities
  • Legal Aspects of Massage Practice
  • Professional Ethics
  • Entrepreneurial Skills

The program takes 11 months to complete. We follow the Manatee County School Calendar. The Massage Therapy class meets Monday through Friday for 4 hours in the day time. The evening class will meet Monday through Thursday and Saturdays. Our program is approved by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy, Florida Department of Health, and adheres to the curriculum standards set by the Board. Students are prepared to sit for the Massage licensing exam. Upon passing they are eligible to become Licensed Massage Therapists

MTC is accredited by the Commission on Occupational Education.

We accept students from other states. Applicants must be 18 years old, have TABE scores of 10.0 in reading and language and 9.0 in math, a high school diploma or GED, and a completed application. The application process also includes a physical exam and proof of a massage by a professional Licensed Massage Therapist.


1. Apply to MTC at:
      Submit your application to access your “To-Do List.”
2. Attend a Program Information Session.
3. Complete your “To-Do List” at
4. Submit  your criminal background information as shown on your “To-Do List.”

The deadline for your completed “To-Do List” is 4 weeks prior to the class start date.

Note: TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) must be taken within 6 weeks of your admission date unless exemption criteria have been documented.
For exemption information, see TABE exemption in the Student Handbook located here:


Job Outlook:
Florida Department of Education Curriculum and Frameworks

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On-time Completion Rate:

Licensure Rate:

Job Placement Rate:

Median Loan Debt:
$0- MTC does not take part in any student loan program

The source of the Completion, Placement, and Licensure rate is 2014-2015 school year student data.

Program Mission Statement: The mission of Manatee Technical College’s Massage Therapy program is to prepare students with the appropriate knowledge base, hands on skills and confidence to be exceptional massage therapy practitioners.

Careers in Florida

Minimum Qualification for Licensure as a Massage Therapist in the state of FL

  • Must be at least 18 years of age or has received a high school diploma or graduate equivalency diploma (G.E.D.);
  • Completed a course of study at a Board of Massage Therapy Approved School or completed a Board-approved apprenticeship program;
  • Must pass the MBLEX Exam
  • Must have completed a two-hour course on the prevention of medical errors.
  • Must submit an application and fee for licensure as a Massage Therapist.
  • Some applicants may be required to appear before the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting for determination of licensure; therefore it is imperative that all application deadlines are adhered to.

Note: Requirements vary from state to state

Regulation in other states

  • The names and addresses of the appropriate regulatory agencies for all states that regulate the practice of massage therapy and bodywork and/or aesthetics/skin care.
  • The understanding that local municipal ordinances may apply in the absence of state law.

State Massage Therapy Regulatory Bodies

For more information regarding state regulations governing massage therapists and massage establishments in the State of Florida, visit:

Note: Local municipal ordinances may apply in the absence of state law or a state governing body. It is your responsibility to know and abide by the laws and rules in any state or municipality for which you desire to practice.

Download Program Information Sheet: Massage Therapy

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Download State of Florida Frameworks Sheet: Massage Therapy

Required Books and Materials: Massage Therapy

For More Information Contact: Contact Terri Parrish: 941.751.7900 x 1033, Email