We are proud to present hilarious, upbeat classroom traffic safety courses with instructors who truly care — all at a price that won’t break your bank account. We have many convenient locations and dozens of classes: weekdays, Saturdays, and evenings too! Once you’re registered, just show up, relax, and enjoy the show. You’ll be done in no time! And we pass out completion certificates at the end of the class, so you don’t have to wait. When the class is done, so are you!

Our course is designed so you’ll laugh while you learn! You’ll benefit from our trademarked classroom presentation, a colorful flipchart show that enables students to follow along visually with the instruction. And you’ll never forget the videos that complete the hilarious multimedia experience. With Manatee Tech Traffic School’s DHSMV-approved curriculum, quality and consistency of instruction are guaranteed, and material retention and student enjoyment are much higher than in traditional classroom programs.

You will find a helpful, knowledgeable, fun-loving instructor equipped with the latest in entertaining videos and classroom materials designed to make you think about important information that could save someone’s life. We want you to learn about safety, but we also want the materials to be informative, accurate, and — very important — fun! Our professional instructors, fascinating videos, colorful charts, and comfortable meeting room facilities will make your traffic school obligation interesting, entertaining, and a breeze to complete!



Or, please contact Ron Koper on his cell phone at 941.580.0382 or by email: koperr@manateeschools.net.

His office phone is 941.751.7900 x 1140.