Bucket Truck Safe Operator Training

8 hour program available on Site or MTC Campus

Designed for workers or any other employees who may be called on to operate the Bucket Truck?  Also recommended for bucket truck crew members, division supervisors, agency safety officers, department safety coordinators, assigned equipment trainers, and general safety trainers.

Covers: Bucket Truck Features and Components:  Fall Protection and Fall Arrest Systems:

Basic Boom/Bucket Operations: Vehicle Placement Decisions: External Work Zone Hazard Analysis:

General Work Zone Perimeters Internal Work Zone Hazard Analysis: Other Vehicle Operations

Street Lighting and Electrical Traffic Control Devices (Lock-out/Tag-out) Tree Work

Emergencies and Rescue: Written Test – Classroom Filed Work – Proficiency Testing

All topics in keeping with current OSHA CFRs


Contact Ron Koper: 941.751.7900 x 1140 or koperr@manateeschools.net