Commercial Driver’s License Pre-Test Skills

16 and 24 hour programs available on Site or MTC Campus

Though open to all that qualify, this program was designed for Employers to accelerate the Issuance of a Commercial Driver’s License to existing or new hire employees. It requires Employer Participation in the Program.

Employers are required to provide Training/Testing Vehicles. Vehicles must meet minimum requirements for applicable Class License we are training for. Standard Registration and Insurance Required. 3rd Party Testing Agency Required

Day 1 of Training is General to all Classes of Commercial license applicants.

Day 2 is Hands on “Coaching the Test” 1) Pre-Trip Inspection 2) Airbrakes Test 3) Parking Skills. There is a minimum 2 weeks between Day 1 and Day 2 where Employee must be allowed “Time in Vehicle” by Employer.

This is what cannot be replaced and must be provided by employer.

Day 3 is for Tractor Trailer Drivers and follows 1 week behind Day 2.

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