Confined Space Entry Permit

8-hour program available on Site or MTC Campus

Topics include:

Designed for originally municipal water, wastewater and stormwater utility employees.

Identifies and addresses common city and county permit required confined space situations rarely covered by other programs.

Details safe work practices for most types of municipal confined space entry situations.

Provides a comprehensive Confined Space Entry policy (and implementation methods) for immediate use by participating cities or counties.

Introduces other related hazards specific to water/wastewater/stormwater facilities and features new safety products and accident prevention measures.

Includes the most advanced Confined Space Entry Permit form available.

Discussed specific work site safety analysis and how to develop a protocol for each permit-required confined space location.

Automatically enrolls your public entity in our incident/accident case study e-mail subscription as confine spade accidents are reported weekly throughout the United States.


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